Kindergarten Program

Kindergarten presents a number of academic challenges, so First Step teachers take care to balance their lesson plans with lots of fun, developmentally appropriate activities as well as quiet time for reading and thinking. Offering full-day and half-day options, our private program ensures children meet the Kindergarten benchmarks while continuing to emphasize a love of learning and discovery.

Small class sizes allow teachers to give each student one on one time as they hone their handwriting, reading and math skills. Students that graduate from First Step’s Kindergarten have a proven record of success in their future academic careers. Our Kindergarten Program Highlights Include:

  • Each First Step School works with its local school district to ensure each child’s smooth transition between Kindergarten and First Grade.
  • Quiet reading and writing centers, social time, dramatic play, and specially designed playgrounds all provide Kindergarteners with productive learning and social experiences.
  • Enrichment programs, such as monthy authors, cooking, computers, music, etc., are incorporated into Kindergartener’s daily schedule.*
  • Children learn to recognize left to right, math sequencing patterns, and the association between the spoken and written word as they read, compose and illustrate stories.
  • First Step encourages children to use independent reasoning to problem solve and guides them as they use decision making skills to develop positive self images.
  • Kindergarteners utilize computers regularly in order to practice technical skills and reinforce learning themes in math and reading.
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