Welcome to First Step Learning Centers

First Step Learning Center is located in Clinton Township, New Jersey. We are open Monday through Friday, twelve months a year. We offer a variety of learning environments from infants through full day Kindergarten and after school wraparound.

Parents who choose First Step for their child's first school experience do so with the knowledge that they are placing their children in an atmosphere with certified, experienced teachers who provide emotional, social, cognitive and physical developmentally-appropriate activities in a caring and safe environment. 


    Fun at First Step
    Our students love learning through play where they are involved in hands on instruction in small group settings. ...
    Infants and Toddlers
    Our infants learn to explore their everchanging enviornment. In addition, to tummy time and sensory discoveries they learn that their our other infants in their enviornment and socialization begins.Our staff is dedicated to providing the infants/toddlers the individualized care that...
    First Step Lebanon
    First Step is located about 1 mile from routes 78 and 22. The center was founded over 30 years ago, with a child centered hands on philosophy. We believe that children should love school, a place where their individual needs are met. ...
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