Discipline Policy

The Discipline Policy is in the direct compliance with the State of New Jersey Department of Human Services Manual of Standards for Child Care Centers, section 10:122-6.8:A-E (see below) 

Our discipline policy will be handled in the following manner: 

1)     The first time the behavior is exhibited, the child will be spoken to and given an explanation as to why their behavior is unacceptable and how they are expected to behave. 

2)     The second time the behavior is exhibited, the child will be given a verbal warning.  If the behavior warrants, the child will be removed from the activity or area. 

3)     The third time the child is spoken to, they will sit in a quiet area.  This will enable the child to think about their behavior and why it is unacceptable. 

If the behavior persists, the parents will be notified. 

  • Methods of guidance and discipline used shall be positive, consistent with the developmental needs of the children, and applied with the full knowledge, understanding, and approval of the parent(s).
  • There shall be no use of hitting, corporal punishment, abusive language, ridicule or harsh, humiliating or frightening treatment.
  • Discipline shall not be associated with the behavior of children in regard to rest, toilet training, or food.
  • Children shall not be isolated without supervision, and are within direct view of the teacher at all times.
  • Discipline shall not be associated with the withholding of emotional responses or stimulation, and shall not require the child to remain silent for long periods of time.
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